Y2K Fashion Trend

Y2K Fashion Trend

Are you loving the Y2K fashion trend that has come around again?  As I am sure many of you that were alive during the actual period of the early 90's and early 2000's, it was a time of either excited, shocked, or maybe left completely unsure.

As a person who relates with those who are hesitant about these styles coming back, I will say that they definitely have started to grow on me and has created a nostalgic feeling of a different time.

As we are all aware with fashion, what goes around comes around about every couple of decades, and many times, comes back even better than before!

Early 2000's style was all about the nice top and jeans look. Many pop icons, especially Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, were well-known for wearing a nice cropped top, with the popular low-rise jeans.  Although halter tops aren't exclusive to this decade, they were one of the popular styles of the time and were worn to concerts, to run errands, and even on the red carpet!  The perfect balance of sexy and classy!








Although the early 2000's was best known for the popularity of low-rise bootcut jeans, wide-leg jeans and flared pants were also very popular at the time. These great styles add a modern-day touch to this Y2K jean trend and can easily be worn from day to day with a variety of different tops.









Cropped cardigans are yet another adorable item that many of us still love and have stuck around!  Cropped Tops in general were a huge Y2K staple. The versatility of styling combined with the coziness of Cardigans, made it a very popular style.  Cropped Cardigans during the Y2K fashion Era included prints, bright colors, and/or ribbed material.

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